Picture Days: April 4 & 5

English Science Yearbook

New Classes for the Spring Semester

All of these classes are open for anyone to sign-up.

Science/Philosophy: “The Intelligence of the Cosmos” (meets Fridays at 10:00 starting the 26th)

Dani, Mya, Hunter, Anna, Olivia, Will, Joshua

Reading Group: Bel Canto (meets Thursdays at 10:00)

Anna, Blake, Lydia, Dani, Olivia, Leo, Caiden, Chloe, Cozette

The Art of Poetry (meets Mondays at 11:00):

Will, Ellie, Chloe, Sam, Dani, Anna, Finn, Cozette, Joshua, Lydia, Mya

Yearbook: Dani, Mya, Cozette, Olivia