League of Nations

League of Nations

Not enough attention has been paid to global warming.  The sea level is rising at an alarming rate.  These countries are under water now.  If something isn’t done your country may be next.


Marshall Islands



Solomon Islands




Papua New Guinea


This would cause a refugee crisis. The populations of those nations:






157 mil

98 mil

82 mil

7 mil


With every turn, 5% of the unsaved refugee population will die.

A sudden influx of refugees will result in substantial government costs, increased crime rates, a housing crisis, and domestic pushback from the nation’s right wing.

The cost of refugee resettlement is hotly contested and varies widely. Common estimates range from about 10 to 20 thousand per refugee in government spending annually (USA). The nations will have to outline their total intended spending, the methods which they intend to employ to resettle these refugees, the population distribution of the refugees (you can’t just put them all in one city), and their plans for economic stimulus in light of the mass resettlement.

The outbreak of FUBAR 116 will spread dramatically. Particularly in nations where it has been poorly contained. The United States and Russia will be the hardest hit.

Other Updates

LoN individual issues

The hostage crisis in Brazil has escalated. The Brazilian Government has one more turn to negotiate for the release of Secretary Frye. And now the LMG has demanded the negotiations be done on a public stage. They will not negotiate otherwise. If negotiations fail, the following turn can be used to execute a military operation. However it must be planned for now, and there is a chance the LMG will discover this planning. If the plans for the operation are discovered, Secretary Frye will be killed immediately.


The Spying situation between China and the UK can be resolved by a joint government effort. It will take only one turn to complete. However, the content revealed through the investigation might be potentially damaging to both countries. Some things may be better left unknown.


(If perused) The Chinese virus would destroy the bonds and records of interconnected hospital networks. On a military level and civilian level. Making any attempts to mount organized resistance to a disease impossible. (The Chinese spy incident was announced two turns before FUBAR 116 existed)

Economic riots worldwide. They’ve increased by a large magnitude. It sucks.
FUBAR 116 news

The US

FUBAR 116 has become a plague that ravages the poor. Lots of rural victims don’t know they have it before it’s too late and have no way to quarantine themselves or seen help from medical professionals. This has ravaged the areas of the southwestern US where it has taken hold. The populace is ill and the economy has ground to a halt. Many cities are effectively ghost towns. The laborers who keep the economy flowing are either homesick, scared of getting sick, coming into work sick, or can’t be productive because of all the sick.

Worse, there are reports of citizens artificially and unofficially blocking roads in and out of Arizona, where the disease is at its worst. They have also begun to create unofficial quarantine zones, enforced with violence and fear (also guns). FUBAR 116 has been contained in those states but is estimated to have infected over 6 thousand people as of now. With a death toll of 75 percent.


Russia’s story is very similar to the US. The number of infections within their borders is now at about 15 thousand (Death toll 75%). Their lack of medical infrastructure in rural areas has amplified their plight.


FUBAR 116 is still contained to Shanghai. The corpse crisis in Shanghai has reached a breaking point. Corpses now litter the streets, the stench of dead and rotting flesh is inescapable. Almost all the city’s internal systems and infrastructure have shut down, including running water and plumbing. The rate of infection now sits at 17% and is rising rapidly. The Chinese government needs to respond to this crisis immediately or risk a massive break of the quarantine.

(Note: Approach MOD with offer)

The UK

The United Kingdom still has very few confirmed cases on FUBAR 116. After the one confirmed case was quarantined, 20 new cases have emerged across London. The British government has a chance to learn from the mistakes of her contemporaries and contain this disease before things spiral out of control.


League of Nations

League of Nations

International Affairs

The World Health organization has officially declared this strand of antibiotic resistant tuberculosis a pandemic. And has named this strand of the disease to FUBAR 116.

There have been confirmed cases of FUBAR 116 in the following cities:

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Tiapei, Tiawan

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Munich, Germany

  • Seoul, South Korea

  • Mexico City, Mexico

Taking advantage of the international chaos, the North African Union is attempting to annex Sudan


Conditions in the quarantined Shanghai are rapidly deteriorating. Riots and protests have been constant. Multiple attempts to pacify rioters have resulted in the massacre of civilians. The disease is spreading at an unprecedented rate. With an estimated 3% of the city’s population infected. Hospitals are overflowing and medicine is becoming scarce. In addition to this, the city does not have a safe way to dispose of their dead. Currently, soldiers are bringing infected bodies out of Shanghai by the truckload with no way to safely dispose of them. It feels as if the situation in Shanghai has reached a breaking point. However, under state and military control, the disease has yet to infect Chinese cities outside of Shanghai.

In an attempt to take control of their destinies, the populace of Shanghai has created a form of decentralized popular government to handle rationing goods, restoring order, and treating the sick. This has taken some pressure off of the state to quell dissent. Rumors are circulating that this informal government is organizing a form of massive armed rebellion. If even 1% of Shanghai’s 24 million people can be mobilized against the government, no military force could stop them without bloodshed.

Rioting has largely been avoided in mainland China. However, a large impromptu protest rages on in Beijing. Demanding the government free the uninfected in Shanghai.


Though Brazil has yet to see a case of this tuberculosis, their nation is far from stable.

The recent natural disaster and panicked shut down of trade has led to an economic and infrastructural collapse.

The nation’s breakdown and fear of FUBAR 116 has sparked major riots in the following cities.

  • Rio de Janeiro

  • Salvador

  • Belo Horizonte

  • Sao Paulo

  • Brazilia

Seizing an opportunity created by a chaotic world, a radical environmentalist group has taken Brazil’s Secretary of the Interior, Ms. Anna Frye, hostage. This group calls themselves Liberação Para mãe Gaia (Liberation of Mother Gaia), or simply LMG. This group is armed heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Their stated central goal is halting the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. They seem to be primarily stationed in Northeast Brazil, with prominent chapters in Bolivia and Peru. They are most famous for a string of bombings against Nestle offices. Killing 27 people total and causing millions of dollars in property damage. They demand an immediate end to all deforestation of the Amazon in Brazil. In exchange, the Ms. Frye will be safely returned. The Brazilian government has two turns (now one) to meet their demands or find an alternative. If their demands are not met, Ms. Frye will be executed.

The United States of America

The world’s greatest superpower is overrun with chaos. A consumer economy cannot exist without producers to support it, and America has lost its largest producer. Goods shortages have led to rioting in the following cities.

  • New York

  • Los Angeles

  • Chicago

  • Washington DC

  • St. Louis

  • Seattle

  • Portland

  • Houston

The American public widely demands either a cure for FUBAR 116, or the resignation of the Secretary of the Interior and President.

Five cases of FUBAR 116 have been confirmed in Los Angeles, one of which resulted in the infected woman’s death. This prompted already intense rioting to dramatically increase in severity.

On Tuesday, March 28th, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, spoke at a press event on the city’s effort to contain FUBAR 116. He was shot dead by a man named Leo Warwick, who was masquerading as a reporter. After the shooting, Warwick promptly took his own life. Leo was the father of FUBAR 116’s only American victim thus far, Chelsi Warwick. In the days following the assassination, Leo has become a surprising martyr for American protesters. Symbolizing their frustration with the government’s failure to prepare for this crisis.

The United Kingdom

Within the borders of the UK, any semblance of order is beginning to slowly erode in light of new events.

A shipyard worker in London has fallen ill extremely recently. He exhibits all the symptoms of FUBAR 116. A positive or negative diagnosis should be confirmed within the day. Depending on the results of the diagnosis and the length of time which he has been carrying the disease, irreversible damage may have already been done.

Regardless of any possible infections, hundreds of city streets throughout the country are filled with rioters and looters. Goods shortages ravage all corners of the UK and the following cities have effectively screeched to a halt.

  • London

  • Southampton

  • Birmingham

  • Edinburgh

  • Glasgow

  • Belfast

A woman, thought to be a Chinese spy by the name of Wang Jing has been found dead in The Milestone Hotel in London. Suspect items found in her room include, multiple passports with different names, a Glock G29 handgun, coded documents in Chinese, and several dozen usb flash drives. Upon further investigation of these flash drives, a form of malicious software which is undetectable on a most computers has been discovered. Despite being able to recognize the software’s existence, UK intelligence officials have no way to determine the software’s purpose. However, if data the Chinese Ministry of State Security could be obtained, this puzzle could be solved.


The Russian government struggles to maintain control in a country rapidly succumbing to disease and economic collapse.

The already unstable economy of Russia has taken a nose dive due to the self imposed trade restrictions of most major nations. In addition to this, they too are suffering from the same lack of manufactured goods as the rest of the world. Their citizens have not taken this very kindly and have taken to the streets to protest, riot, and loot in the following cities.

  • Moscow

  • St. Petersberg

  • Volgograd

  • Yekaterburg

  • Novosibirsk

FUBAR 116 has spread to St. Petersberg and Moscow. With 30 confirmed cases in the former and 13 confirmed cases in the latter.

League of Nations

League of Nations: Brazil – Something to Watch (When it Rains it Pours)

Expanding Yellow Fever Outbreak

League of Nations

League of Nations

League of Nations

League of Nations

New Actions

For the past several months Serbian settlers have begun to claim lands claimed by the partially recognized territory of Kosovo. The Kosovan government urges the international community to step in and condemn the actions of the Serbs. In turn, the Serbian Government has requested the international community support them in reclaiming their stolen land. Your five nations are compelled to take sides in this disagreement.

League of Nations

League of Nations

Alert: An oil rig off of New Siberia has exploded.  It has been concluded that this was sabotage by an unknown terrorist organization.

Global Citizenship League of Nations

League of Nations: Turkey Incident

Allegedly the Turkish government has begun launching bombing raids on areas of Kurdistan and Rojava. Reports suggest these attacks have been carried out by US built A-50 bombers. Though the extent to which the United States is possibly involved is unknown. President Erdogan denies these attacks have been targeted at the Kurds. They say any attacks they launch have been targeted at ISIS or Kurdish “terrorists.”

Global Citizenship League of Nations

League of Nations: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

A large, organized protest outside of the Israeli West Bank Barrier, commonly known as “the aparthied wall,” has escalated into a state of chaos. After roughly 3 hours of passionate protest, a minor scuffle broke out with riot police. It is unclear which party initially escalated force. Roughly 12 hours after the initial altercation with police, the protestors have become entreched and are resisting police attempts to break up the protest. Some reports have suggested makeshift camps are in the process of being set up. Though this is not confirmed. We know very little for certain about the efficacy or longevity of this protest. Some say this is an inevitable response to the Israeli’s treatment of the Palistinians, others say that violence is an inevitable measure to keep the peace. But one thing’s for sure, this problem runs far deeper than simply this protest
The NAU has been supporting the protesters on  state sponsored media, and intends to send them aid in the form of funds and supplies.
Global Citizenship League of Nations

League of Nations: U.S. Something to Watch

First Bumblebee Declared Endangered in U.S.

The rusty patched bumblebee population has declined 87 percent over the past two decades.

“Bumblebees are among the most important pollinators of crops such as blueberries, cranberries, and clover and almost the only insect pollinators of tomatoes,” according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s rusty patched bumblebee profile. “The economic value of pollination services provided by native insects (mostly bees) is estimated at $3 billion per year in the United States.” (See seven intimate pictures that reveal the beauty of bees.)

Global Citizenship League of Nations

League of Nations: Day 1

Active Crisis: The north African countries of Egypt, Libya, and Algeria have formed an economic/political alliance, The North African Union.

Please prepare your country’s response and be ready to present it in roundtable fashion on Wednesday February 22nd.