At Home At Home: Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of At Home!
Your first big job today is to create your first DS Tracker and share it with me and Sandy. Video Instructions for the DS Tracker are below on the blog.

You will be using the DS Tracker to indicate and track the stuff you are working on. Speaking of which, also on the blog are some ideas for you to consider. We have a couple of lists of ideas of stuff you can do at home. “No Screen” Ideas and “Screen-based” Ideas

Your second big job is to take a look at the teacher-led Learning Opportunities we created and sign up for any of them that seem interesting. Our goal with these is to have fun, learn together, stay connected with each other. That document is here:

Remember, we want you to Do things that are meaningful to you, Reflect on those things, and Record that you did them. Today we want you to get comfortable using the DS Tracker and think about the kind of things you want to be Doing for the next few months. 

Later this week we will be creating some instructional videos on how to use Headrush for Reflecting and Recording the things that you are Doing.

Enjoy your day. Feel free to reach out to Sandy or me over email or text.