Creative Writing Class – Assignment for Wednesday’s Class

Reflecting in preparation for Wednesday’s conversation:

The example of creative reading we’ve discussed leads from a question about an essay to an image not included in or referenced in the original essay.

I would like you to find a reproduction online of Diane Arbus’s photograph of Susan Sontag and her son.  What light do you think Arbus’s photograph of Sontag and her son sheds on Sontag’s assessment of Arbus’s work in “America, Seen through Photographs, Darkly”? Spend at least 20 minutes figuring out a thoughtful, compelling answer to this question.  For the purposes of this exercise, work on with what you have been provided. Don’t seek out the rest of Sontag’s essays or more information about Arbus. What does the photograph alone tell you?

Be prepared to discuss your thoughts on Wednesday.