Film Workshop: Assignment 1

Take a photograph or make a very short film or make a short audio story that explores the ‘limitations’ inherent in your medium of choice. Be prepared to share your work with the group.

Photography: A) Freezes time B) Limits what the viewer can see

Film: A) Limits what the view can see B) Orders events (shots) in time

Audio: A) Gets inside your head B) Moves easily between past/present, exposition/action.

Writing Dialogue, Group A

Now that you have done some work developing your characters and story plots, it’s time to think about dialogue.  What is dialogue in a fictional short story?

Use any of the following scenarios (or create your own) to write dialogue between your main character and any of your secondary characters:

  • Breaking a new year’s resolution
  • Having a difficult phone call with a parent
  • Ending a relationship
  • Encountering a fallen childhood hero
  • Getting advice on a difficult issue or personal challenge

You can write about these topics as they’re happening, or write a conversation in which the characters rehash the incident.

You should have at least a page of dialogue written by the end of the hour.

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