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Chemistry in Cooking

img_4901-1BEEF JERKY – For centuries people have used salt to dry and preserve meat. Salt draws water out of the beef through the process of osmosis, and in doing so, dries and prevents the growth of microbes on the meat.



Writing B/C Tell the Story








B, C Reading for Discussion on Friday

If you are reading “All The Light We Cannot See” with the group please read to page 50 or the chapter titled Sea of Flames for Friday’s discussion.

If you are reading another book, please put the title in the comment section.


“The Giver” Reading Group

Read to chapter 10 for Friday’s discussion.

If you are not reading The Giver but are in this A class, please enter the title of what you are reading in the comment section.

Art Walk

November Theme Ideas

We need to start nailing down future Art Walk themes and ArtWalk directors. Please use the comments to suggest future themes and to put your name in the hat for directing.


Debate Club

Peyton would like to host a running debate club to debate topics of the day. If you would like to participate, see Peyton or leave a comment on this post. We have not yet selected a time/date/place for Debate Club.


Film Workshop: Assignment 1

Take a photograph or make a very short film or make a short audio story that explores the ‘limitations’ inherent in your medium of choice. Be prepared to share your work with the group.

Photography: A) Freezes time B) Limits what the viewer can see

Film: A) Limits what the view can see B) Orders events (shots) in time

Audio: A) Gets inside your head B) Moves easily between past/present, exposition/action.

Global Citizenship

Read Chapter 2 in A People’s History

If you are participating in Chris’ A People’s History of the United States workshop, please read Chapter 2: Drawing The Color Line by Wednesday, September 14th.


Writing Dialogue, Group A

Now that you have done some work developing your characters and story plots, it’s time to think about dialogue.  What is dialogue in a fictional short story?

Use any of the following scenarios (or create your own) to write dialogue between your main character and any of your secondary characters:

  • Breaking a new year’s resolution
  • Having a difficult phone call with a parent
  • Ending a relationship
  • Encountering a fallen childhood hero
  • Getting advice on a difficult issue or personal challenge

You can write about these topics as they’re happening, or write a conversation in which the characters rehash the incident.

You should have at least a page of dialogue written by the end of the hour.


Reading B/C Groups