Group Poem with Dark Twist Theme

This is one of the poems we wrote this morning. What do you think?


Sunshine warms wet flowing blades of grass

Ghostly white flowers bloom

Birds sing Halleluiah, bees whisper

       People burn

                  No concern

Haze falls on a nuclear wasteland

Stems are cut, draped on stones

Bruised beaks squawk, insects fall

Local History Ideas

Here are some things to think about if you are interested in doing a local history project but don’t have any ideas, yet.

  • Research a downtown building or location, Here is a good example from 5 pound apparel of building research turned into an informative poster.
  • Research an event in Ozark’s or Springfield’s history and turn it into a radio story, documentary, or something else (Wild Bill Hickock’s shootout,  anti-African American violence in early 20th century)
  • Research the impact of national and world on Springfield (World Wars, Great Depression, 1918 Flu Pandemic)
  • Pick a topic that interests you and explore its role in Springfield(history of baseball in Springfield, Springfield music scenes, the labor movement in Springfield, immigrant populations in Springfield, women’s rights in Springfield)
  • Do a profile of a famous, infamous, or interesting Springfieldian(s) (Springfield’s first doctors, Bob Barker in Springfield, Springfield’s early radio and TV stars)

American Politics: For the Lulz

Today we talked about various issues, policies, topics and explored them from the perspectives of various ideologies and political points of view. Usually this means looking at the values and beliefs of a group of people and exploring that issue from the perspective of their beliefs and values. But what does it mean when political action comes from a position of no beliefs or values but only for the Lulz.

How Internet Trolls Won the 2016 Presidential Election


The First Three Minutes – interim assignment

For those reading The First Three Minutes with me – there are a number of black-and-white pictures in the book which were originally published in 1977.  While impressive for the time, you now carry better cameras in your pocket than were used by the most advanced researchers then.

A possibly interesting and useful mini-project might be to find and collect higher-resolution images of the pictures in the book.  They might be the same images as the original, or newer.  In particular, color images of the galaxies and various spectra mentioned.

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