Entomology – 10/4 and 10/6

  1. We will go over the external anatomy of insects as we take a close-up look at our Lubber grasshoppers.
  2. Review the internal anatomy of insects with this tutorial. Answer the following questions as you look at insect internal anatomy. Be prepared to discuss.
    • How are molting and metamorphosis controlled?
    • What are some similarities/differences between human and insect circulatory systems?
    • What does the insect circulatory system transport?
    • Describe the role of spiracles in delivering oxygen to the insect’s body.
    • List the three sections of the insect digestive system and tell their main functions.
    • What are insects’ major excretory organs instead of kidneys? How do they work?
    • What is one major difference between insect and human reproductive systems?

Group A Feline Anatomy

Image result for cat anatomyPlease work on your anatomy research. Read through your section of the information and make note of the most important aspects of the body system you’re working on such as major structures and what those structures do. With your partner(s), make a list of the things you want to include when you present the information to the rest of the class. If I remember correctly, sections are…

  1. Senses – Hailey, Anna, Cozette
  2. Muscles and Skeleton – Lola, Kyla
  3. Respiratory and Circulation – Aydan, Hogan, Solo
  4. Digestive and Urinary – Finn, Liam

Philosophy: Let the Mystery Be

We are going to discuss the Mysterious in Philosophy on Tuesday. Why are we drawn to the mysterious and the unknowable? Can science solve all the mysteries? Should we try and solve all the mysteries?

In preparation for this discussion, please listen to (at least) part 2: The Unknowable Universe from the Our Mysterious Universe episode of the radio show To The Best of Our Knowledge. The rest of the episode is pretty good too, if you are up for it (quantum entanglement, Terry Gilliam, and a possible Dyson sphere.)

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