The Art of Ice Cream

Image result for ice creamThis workshop will meet weekly on Fridays after lunch (1:00pm). Students will experiment with ingredients to create unique combinations of ice cream flavors and textures. This workshop is designed for students in group C and will be led by Laura.

English, Group A

This ongoing class will write  in a variety of genres which will satisfy writing competencies.  Right now we are working on the short story but other genres will include Short 
papers include personal responses, essays, dialogues, journal entries, short stories, and poems. Longer writing may include literary analysis, critical studies, extended fiction, or personal narrative. This class will be held M-F from 1:00-2:00 (with the exception of Thursday afternoons). S. Frye

Literature Reading Groups

Tuesday and Thursdays at 9:00 will be reserved for reading and discussing lit., these books discussion are generally aimed at B and C levels.  Each book discussion course will last from three to five weeks depending on the level and length of the book being read.  You may read your own book or choose from the books below that have been suggested by classmates. I will be reading All the Light We Cannot See. 6/7 grades will have book discussions from 2-2:45 on Wednesdays.  You are responsible for getting your own book – if you need help with this please let me know. S. Frye

B/C Books

Boy, Snow, Bird

Fun Home

All The Light We Cannot See

Why We Can’t Wait

Running With Scissors

The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

A Books

The Giver – Books are in bookshelf

Creative Writing: The Short Story

This 6-week course is an introduction to the creative short story designed for B and C grouped students. Students will write stories and short descriptive sketches as well as respond to quick write prompts. Students will read great short stories (classic and contemporary) and participate in class discussions of students’ writing and the assigned stories in their historical and social contexts.  To participate in this course you do not have to share your writing but are free to.  This course will meet on Monday through Friday at 9:00 and will be guided by S. Frye.

American Politics

Right/Left, Red/Blue, Republican/Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, Libertarian, Tea Party, Green Party, blah, blah, blah. If you are curious about what all these labels mean, if you want to understand what is happening in American politics, if you want to discuss the issues and analyze the speeches and commercials, if you don’t know anything but think maybe you should, join me for American Politics Mondays and Fridays at 2pm.

Philosophy Workshop

I will be running a weekly Philosophy Seminar. It will tackle big questions of language and logic, mind and metaphysics, ethics and politics, religion and science. No prior knowledge or even interest in Philosophy is required. If you are open to reading, listening, and discussing big ideas, you are welcome to join us. Philosophy Seminar will run Tuesdays at 1:30pm, starting on September 6th and is primarily aimed at groups B and C.

Come to the first class giving some thought to the following question:

“If you step into a transporter (as in Star Trek) and two of you come out, which one is you?”

Creative Writing: Practice

Think of an “idea” for writing. The bigger and broader and the less firsthand experience you have with this idea the better.  For example, write about life, love, death, homelessness, illness or an idea related to the theme “dark twist” in general terms.  Write fast. Ramble. Think, don’t try to see any one thing in particular.  Put lots of your feelings and ideas. Avoid images and specifics. Think out loud on the page. Don’t focus your mind’s eye on anything.

New Workshop: People’s History of the United States

Chris is going to lead a reading/discussion of parts of Howard Zinn’s A People History of the United States. (Amazon, Free Online). This workshop is aimed at upper middle school through high school. This workshop is related to Global Citizenship competencies in Inquiry; History; and Civics, Government, and Society as well as English competencies in Literature; Research; and Speaking and Listening.

If you would like to participate please read the first chapter Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress by next Wednesday.

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