Congratulations Evan!

Congratulations to senior Evan Fuller on his acceptance to the Kansas City Art Institute! Not only did Evan get into his first choice KCAI, but he also received a full scholarship.  We are so proud of him and all his effort and hard work he has put in to achieve his dream.

Paper Roller Coasters

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Rules: 1. Your roller coaster must work without your team “helping” the marble along after its initial release.  2. Paper and tape are the only materials you may use other than the cardboard base (please tape roller coaster to base).

Judging: Points will be awarded for including the following items when building your track. Marble must complete the course to be awarded points.

  • jumps (marble is airborne briefly)
  • funnels
  • loops
  • curves
  • hills
  • tunnels
  • highest peak
  • fastest run
  • longest run by distance
  • longest run by time
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • most unique design

Upper English Creative Thinking and Writing: Assignment for Friday’s Discussion

Read these articles:

Readers are the best people to fall in love with

S***** First Drafts

Read this short story: Pilgrims

I plan to add a second story to compliment “Pilgrims” but I couldn’t find it free online, so I am waiting for the book to arrive.  I should be able to post it by Tuesday.

When I post the second story, I will also post questions to ponder for Friday’s discussion.

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