Pre-historical Human

For those who participated in lecture one in the World History series and are interested in learning more about pre-historical humans…

This fall PBS released a new Nova program called Dawn of Humanity. It explores a recent discovery in a deep cave in South Africa that might cause some rethinking about human development. This is a good example that the science of pre-historical humans is still very much unsettled.

Local History Links

Here are some links to resources the archivists mentioned during our trip to MSU today. I’ll be glad to help you search these collections for your topics. I was playing around with them tonight and I found a number of good things for a few of you.

MSU Special Collections: includes guides to the collections they have onsite and links to the collections that have already been digitized.

State Historical Society of Missouri: Art collections, photo collections, manuscripts, maps. Many resources are already digitized and available through the Digital Collections link:

History Museum on the Square photo archive:

Springfield-Greene County Library Digitized Collections:


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