Hey Kids, Monday is the Start of Banned Books Week….

Please read the first link and look over the second one. Think about what is happening today in regard to terrorism, violence, and the current crazy political landscape. Answer these questions in a conversation with  classmates:

  1. How does a book get “banned?”  Who bans it from whom?
  2. How does the historical context of a book affect the public’s reaction to it?
  3. Would a book considered objectionable in the 1960s or another decade be viewed more favorably today? Why or why not? Do the books banned in 2016 have a relationship with the current U.S. events and or politics?



And here is Sherman Alexie briefly talking about his books being banned:

People’s History Reading

I forgot to post a reading for tomorrow. It is a bit late to require you to read chapters 3, 4, and 5 (Chris’ recommendation for a good discussion) plus there is a pretty good chance we will spend most of the day moving to our new location. Let’s plan on moving the discussion to Friday and covering chapters 3, 4, and 5.

This is Not a Math(s) Book

If any of the older students have purchased a copy of this book that they know they will not use, and would be willing to pass on to some of the younger students, would you please let me know ASAP?  I need about 3 more copies. Thanks!

If you have a copy of the book, but would like to keep it for yourself, that is absolutely fine.  It is a perfectly legitimate thing to do by yourself. 🙂


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