Crystal Bridges Trip on 3/30

These people are signed up to go to Crystal Bridges.  I am going to reserve the bus on Friday, so if you want to go and you are not on this list, you need to sign up via Google form asap. This is a whole school trip and we would like everyone to go.

League of Nations

New Actions

For the past several months Serbian settlers have begun to claim lands claimed by the partially recognized territory of Kosovo. The Kosovan government urges the international community to step in and condemn the actions of the Serbs. In turn, the Serbian Government has requested the international community support them in reclaiming their stolen land. Your five nations are compelled to take sides in this disagreement.

Creative Thinking Class

Reflect on what we have learned from the book “Habits of the Creative Mind” and our class discussions – you may want to go back through past posts or borrow the book. This class was designed as series of guideposts to take you off the beaten path- away from testing, conventional thinking about writing (and other things), and the traditional five-paragraph essay.

Look at writing as a technology for confronting the unknown. If you do this, you will question over argue; use curiosity over conviction; and mindful practice over mindless repetition.

The assignment is for you to write a piece based on what interests you. This could mean you continue to work on an ongoing writing (share with me please).  It can be fiction or non-fiction, most any genre. I would rather you didn’t re-work something done before this class because hopefully, your mindset about writing has shifted since then.

Here is a list of writing genres to start your brainstorming.


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