Science Olympiad Events

Here is the list of the events for the High School (Division C) and Middle School (Division B) Science Olympiad.  The competition dates are not yet set but will probably be some time in February.  I am working on determining which competencies go with which events.

Division B (6-9 grades)

Division C (9-12 grades)

Here is a link to a Google Sheet with descriptions of the events, as well as the competencies I anticipate they will meet —  Science Olympiad: Events and Competencies


Friday, Nov. 4th “Of Mice and Men” at SLT

If you would like to go see
 Of Mice and Men at SLT as a group on Friday, Nov. 4th, let Mrs. Frye know.  We could go to dinner first. I will order a block of tickets if enough people would like to go.  Tickets are $17, but could be $15 if we have a group of ten or more.

Of Mice and Men is a moving study of the character of two roving farmhands, George Milton and his friend Lennie Small, gigantic in stature, well-meaning, but with limited mental capacity.  They share a dream of settling down on their own ranch, a dream that seems all the more tempting for its impossibility.  The well-known drama is a powerful slice of depression life that brings us up close and personal to a patchwork of emotions, hopes and fears that compel Steinbeck’s characters onwards, however doomed their journey.

To purchase tickets, call The Landers Theatre Box Office
at (417) 869-1334 or click here to order online.



GEORGE Eli Cunningham
LENNIE Daniel Bush
CURLEY’S WIFE Corrine Gilmore
SLIM Joe Kuntz
CANDY Dave Logan
CROOKS Derrick Devon King
Curley Charlie Stebbins
CARLSON John Johnson
WHIT Josh Mattix
BOSS Rick Giesen

For the complete cast, please click here.


Of Mice and Men is rated PG13


  • Adult $17.00 – $28.00
  • Senior (62+)/Student/Military $17.00 – $26.00
  • Children (ages 12 and under) $12.00 – $17.00
  • Groups 10+ $15.00 – $28.00



Entomology – 10/4 and 10/6

  1. We will go over the external anatomy of insects as we take a close-up look at our Lubber grasshoppers.
  2. Review the internal anatomy of insects with this tutorial. Answer the following questions as you look at insect internal anatomy. Be prepared to discuss.
    • How are molting and metamorphosis controlled?
    • What are some similarities/differences between human and insect circulatory systems?
    • What does the insect circulatory system transport?
    • Describe the role of spiracles in delivering oxygen to the insect’s body.
    • List the three sections of the insect digestive system and tell their main functions.
    • What are insects’ major excretory organs instead of kidneys? How do they work?
    • What is one major difference between insect and human reproductive systems?

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