Poetry (moved to Monday afternoon)

Because we have so much to do on DWNTWN today, we will have poetry class on Monday afternoon.  The topic is “protest.” Please bring a speech, poem or lyrics to a song that you think is protesting someone or something.  We will discuss the intent of the words.

Book Groups: The One and Only Ivan and The Color Purple

Hi students, I have been sick.  My doctor asked that I stay home one more day.  On Wednesday we will wrap up The one and Only Ivan and then depending on who goes to the baseball game we could also wrap The Color Purple and start watching the movie.  If not Wed. for TCP then Thursday.  We probably have time to read one more book in both groups to be thinking about that.

Poetry will be Thursday as usual.

How do cars work?

How does an internal combustion engine work?

Explain what these things do:  Cylinders, valves (inlet and outlet), pistons, carburetors (fuel injectors), sparkplug, crankshaft, gearbox.

Explain what this means: 5.21 liter V8 Engine producing 526 HP and 429 lb/ft of torque

How does an electric motor work?

Explain: Rotor, stator, brushes. Induction motor vs permanent magnet motor

How does a hybrid car work?


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