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Hi!  Thank you for signing up for my new writing class.  I hope we can become a community of writers and have fun.  I am always open to ideas on types of writing, but my overall goal is to prepare you for the next step in school, at a college or a job.  Almost every career and life, in general, requires writing. The better you can write and communicate your ideas, the more power you have.

I also think it is important that you write for your own enjoyment too.  The general format of this class is an introduction of a topic with a short lecture on Tuesdays and then I will ask you to submit your writing by Friday.  Grades will not be given, but I will give feedback to help you become a better writer.  

Students in this class are: Ellie, Cozette, Chloe, Anna, Lola, Mya, Finn and Will

BOMBERB method


  1. Bang – capture the audience
    1. Joke
    2. Quotation
    3. Provocative Statement
    4. Prop
    5. Personal story
    6. “Happened That Day” story
  2. Opening
    1. Who are you?
    2. What are you going to tell us?
    3. Why is it important?
      1. Wiii-FM (What’s In It – For Me)
  3. Message (tricks to structuring the content of your speech)
    1. Problem → Solution
    2. Cause → Effect
    3. Numbered Outline
      1. 10 Surprises About Peanut Butter
      2. 3 Things You Will Regret One Day
      3. 8 Secrets of Staying Healthy
    4. Past → Present → Future
    5. Acronym
      1. B.O.M.B.E.R.B method
    6. Alliteration
      1. The 5 C’s of Education
  4. Bridge
    1. Connect your message to the audience
      1. Have them imagine or reflect on something
      2. Ask them to consider a question
      3. Have them remember something
  5. Examples
    1. Make abstract ideas concrete by anchoring them
      1. Use an analogy or metaphor
      2. Use a prop or image
      3. Tell a story
  6. Recap
    1. Numbered Recap
      1. The three things to remember
      2. If you only take away a couple of things from this speech it should be this
    2. Small group discussion
  7. Big Bang – Powerful memorable ending
    1. Circular Ending (bring it back around to your opening bang)
    2. Call to Action (Now Go Out and Vote!)

Gatsby Reading for Wednesday 11/7

Chapters 6 &7

I would like to discuss several of the major themes of the book using the topics below. What do you consider the most important theme? and why? Do you think these themes would have resonated with the readers when the book was first published? Is the topic still relevant today? If so, why? If not, why not?

Alienation, Friendship, Identity and The American Dream

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