Google Docs Phishing Scam

Journalists in newsrooms across the United States are swapping warnings about what appears to be a widespread phishing attack, sent via a particularly sneaky invitation to a fake Google Doc.

The scope of the attack is not limited to news organizations, but appears to be spreading on a massive scale through people’s contacts. If you’re concerned your account has been compromised, you can go to Google’s security page to adjust permissions. (Look for “manage apps,” and revoke access to untrusted apps.)

Several IT experts are describing the attack as huge, startlingly fast-moving, and perplexing. Just in the course of writing this short post, I received two separate emails that appear to be part of the attack. In one Reddit thread, where people are trading information about the attack, someone describes the scam as “almost undetectable.” But there are clues to look out for—both of the suspicious emails I received were sent to an odd email address,, with me blind-copied.

There are two big reasons why this thing is so tricky. For one, it looks legit: An invitation to view a Google Document appears to come from an existing contact. But when a person clicks on the link, the attack immediately replicates itself—meaning, it has the potential to spam all of that person’s contacts with the same message. The second reason it’s so tricky is that it’s unclear what the attack is attempting to do. Phishing is often a way for bad actors to gain unauthorized access to a person’s email or other private accounts, but it’s not yet clear what’s motivating this attack.

Give Ozarks Day: May 9th

We are participating in Give Ozarks 2017, a 24-hour online fundraising marathon on Tuesday, May 9!

More than 200 Ozarks nonprofit agencies are participating in the event to raise money and awareness of philanthropy in our region.

For #GiveOzarks, is raising money towards our Tuition Assistance program. We hope to raise enough to support 1 to 2 new students for 2017-2018.


You can make a secure donation at anytime from midnight to midnight on Tuesday, May 9. Your contributions at any level are greatly appreciated! $5, $10, $15, $10,000… every donation gets us closer to our goal. Dependending on your participation, we have the opportunity to win cash prizes throughout the day. Many of the prizes are generated by numbers of donors within any given hour, not the amounts of the donations.

Follow this event to get updates on our progress and learn about the special opportunities and cash prizes. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS.

Chem Team

We will meet on Thursday morning around 10:30am. We will do some bonding review and work on examples using the periodic table. We will also research some experiments/demos we can do next week.

Cardinals Game on Monday 5/1

We will walk to Hammons Field on Monday at 10:30 to see the Springfield Cardinals play (11:10 game).  The majority of students want to go to this event so the school will close from 11-3.  The ticket cost is $8.50 which includes a seat and a ball cap (no food).