All School Meeting to Discuss the Next School Year: May 15, 6:00

We will hold an all-school meeting on Wednesday, May 15th at from 6:00-7:00 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to go over what was discussed and approved at the annual board meeting (held 5/1), which includes the budget for next year, enrollment numbers and school location.  We will also be available to answer questions.  Both students and parents are invited.  Any input you have regarding school next year is welcome.

Stargazing This Weekend


The Roth Family (Leo and Adam) is offering students the opportunity to stargaze at their beautiful home this Saturday evening.  Thanks, Roth family!

From Shannon:

Stargazing is Saturday 6-ish to 9ish at our house. 826 S. Farm Road 207 Spfld. 65802. People can bring blankets to sit on in the field- if not too wet. If people want to bring some food, that’s ok. We will have s’mores and water.  We will look at moon phases and the constellation of the month, Leo. Also, we will record star magnitude on the site as a way to measure the effects of light pollution on the night sky.  If it’s rainy, we bring it all inside.

The Future of Cars

I created a spreadsheet for you to claim your research topic on The Future of Cars

Feel free to add your own topic if you don’t see one you like. I would like you to research the topic and be able to explain it to us. Think about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your topic. The list I came up with includes:

  • Flying cars
  • Hydrogen fuel cells to power cars
  • Autonomous driving cars
  • LiDAR in cars
  • Stirling Engine
  • Connected cars (networked with other cars to avoic accidents, efficient traffic)
  • Cars made of carbon fibre, plastic, composite materials for light weight
  • Customized/individualized cars with new manufacturing techniques (3D printing, etc)
  • Smart cities and smart roads

Feel free to add your own topic to the spreadsheet if you don’t like one of these. Oh, and please do your research before class instead of while class is going on.


For the afternoon of Friday, May 3rd we will look at “happy” poetry – poems that present imagery that makes us feel good.  Find a poem or song that makes you feel good and bring it to class.

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