Entomology – 10/4 and 10/6

  1. We will go over the external anatomy of insects as we take a close-up look at our Lubber grasshoppers.
  2. Review the internal anatomy of insects with this tutorial. Answer the following questions as you look at insect internal anatomy. Be prepared to discuss.
    • How are molting and metamorphosis controlled?
    • What are some similarities/differences between human and insect circulatory systems?
    • What does the insect circulatory system transport?
    • Describe the role of spiracles in delivering oxygen to the insect’s body.
    • List the three sections of the insect digestive system and tell their main functions.
    • What are insects’ major excretory organs instead of kidneys? How do they work?
    • What is one major difference between insect and human reproductive systems?

Warning: You MUST Commit to Three Things (ok, four) in order to take this Creative Writing Workshop (see prior post)

If you can’t commit to these three things then use your time for learning something else during the 9-10 hour.

*A desire to better understand yourself and your place in the world; access to writing materials and the internet; and a commitment to making time for the work of cultivating curiosity, creativity, and learning.  I will provide the structure, activities, etc… but you have to meet me halfway by being open to the possibility that using writing to explore your mind’s connective powers can help you both to think new thoughts and to think in new ways.

Also, a 4th thing: you need to be at class on-time and ready to go:).

String Art

Group A –

visit this link for some string art ideas and helpful suggestions:


This is Not a Math(s) Book

If any of the older students have purchased a copy of this book that they know they will not use, and would be willing to pass on to some of the younger students, would you please let me know ASAP?  I need about 3 more copies. Thanks!

If you have a copy of the book, but would like to keep it for yourself, that is absolutely fine.  It is a perfectly legitimate thing to do by yourself. 🙂


Group Poem with Dark Twist Theme

This is one of the poems we wrote this morning. What do you think?


Sunshine warms wet flowing blades of grass

Ghostly white flowers bloom

Birds sing Halleluiah, bees whisper

       People burn

                  No concern

Haze falls on a nuclear wasteland

Stems are cut, draped on stones

Bruised beaks squawk, insects fall

The First Three Minutes – interim assignment

For those reading The First Three Minutes with me – there are a number of black-and-white pictures in the book which were originally published in 1977.  While impressive for the time, you now carry better cameras in your pocket than were used by the most advanced researchers then.

A possibly interesting and useful mini-project might be to find and collect higher-resolution images of the pictures in the book.  They might be the same images as the original, or newer.  In particular, color images of the galaxies and various spectra mentioned.

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