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English A (for students not in Creative Writing class)

Hunter, Jacob, Henry, Keegan, Hailey, Will, Solo

Read Just Lather, That’s All by  Hernando Tellez for discussion on Monday


Anna, Kyla, Lola, Finn, Aydan, Cozette, Hogan

Read Harrison Bergeron  by Kurt Vonnegut for discussion on Monday


Summarizing Practice

Image result for snowflakesRead through the article about snowflake formation, and write a paragraph summarizing the main ideas. Summarizing is a skill that is useful across all subjects and allows you to:

  1. Find the main ideas when reading.
  2. Distinguish relevant from irrelevant information.
  3. Integrate ideas so they are meaningful.
  4. Remember what you read.

Slaughterhouse-Five Wrap-Up

On Monday we will have our final discussion about Slaughterhouse-Five. Ideas to consider:

  • the effect of war on society;
  • the value of time;
  • in what ways are our lives “pre-programmed”;
  • how do people cope with traumatic events;
  • in what ways is life fair/unfair;
  • how can a person change his/her fate

What are your ideas on these topics?  What do you believe Billy Pilgrim’s ideas would be?


Group A: English Thesis Statements

In the comment section of this post please post two to three thesis statements that you could turn into an essay.  These should be on topics you have interest in because you will be doing research and spending at least a couple of weeks working on this project.

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Book Group Sign-up

Sign-up for your next book group on the shared Google Doc.


Next All The Light We Cannot See Book Group

Read to part eight (pg. 373) for Monday’s discussion.

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English for Thursday (B and C)

BTW, I do realize this is challenging work, but I know you can do it. Practice reading and writing is the key to getting better – even if it is painful and lousy at first.


Science Olympiad Events

Here is the list of the events for the High School (Division C) and Middle School (Division B) Science Olympiad.  The competition dates are not yet set but will probably be some time in February.  I am working on determining which competencies go with which events.

Division B (6-9 grades)

Division C (9-12 grades)

Here is a link to a Google Sheet with descriptions of the events, as well as the competencies I anticipate they will meet —  Science Olympiad: Events and Competencies


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Entomology – 10/4 and 10/6

  1. We will go over the external anatomy of insects as we take a close-up look at our Lubber grasshoppers.
  2. Review the internal anatomy of insects with this tutorial. Answer the following questions as you look at insect internal anatomy. Be prepared to discuss.
    • How are molting and metamorphosis controlled?
    • What are some similarities/differences between human and insect circulatory systems?
    • What does the insect circulatory system transport?
    • Describe the role of spiracles in delivering oxygen to the insect’s body.
    • List the three sections of the insect digestive system and tell their main functions.
    • What are insects’ major excretory organs instead of kidneys? How do they work?
    • What is one major difference between insect and human reproductive systems?

Warning: You MUST Commit to Three Things (ok, four) in order to take this Creative Writing Workshop (see prior post)

If you can’t commit to these three things then use your time for learning something else during the 9-10 hour.

*A desire to better understand yourself and your place in the world; access to writing materials and the internet; and a commitment to making time for the work of cultivating curiosity, creativity, and learning.  I will provide the structure, activities, etc… but you have to meet me halfway by being open to the possibility that using writing to explore your mind’s connective powers can help you both to think new thoughts and to think in new ways.

Also, a 4th thing: you need to be at class on-time and ready to go:).