Shark Week starts March 5th

If you’re interested in learning about the world of sharks and rays, join us for a workshop on cartilaginous fishes where we will discuss their behavior, anatomy, and ecology. We will conclude with a shark dissection.

New Classes for the Spring Semester

All of these classes are open for anyone to sign-up.

Science/Philosophy: “The Intelligence of the Cosmos” (meets Fridays at 10:00 starting the 26th)

Dani, Mya, Hunter, Anna, Olivia, Will, Joshua

Reading Group: Bel Canto (meets Thursdays at 10:00)

Anna, Blake, Lydia, Dani, Olivia, Leo, Caiden, Chloe, Cozette

The Art of Poetry (meets Mondays at 11:00):

Will, Ellie, Chloe, Sam, Dani, Anna, Finn, Cozette, Joshua, Lydia, Mya

Yearbook: Dani, Mya, Cozette, Olivia

Opportunities at Wonders of Wildlife

6th – 12th Grade Drop-Off Programs
February 89:00 AM – 12:00 PM — $45
Registration Deadline: January 26th
With a mouth full of teeth and legends full of fear, sharks inspire a deep curiosity! Join us as we dissect and discover the amazing creature that is the shark.
Uncovering Speleology
March 89:00 AM – 12:00 PM — $40
Registration Deadline: February 23rd
Come explore deep down under the ground where life has adapted to one of the world’s most unique environments. We will learn about the many animals that live in caves and dissect one of its most popular inhabitants, a salamander!
Botany: Plants, Cells, and Photosynthesis
April 129:00 AM – 12:00 PM — $30
Registration Deadline: April 6th
Earth Day is fast approaching! Learn and discover what it takes for plants to grow and flourish as we explore soil horizons, plant anatomy, and event plant our own flowers.

If you are interested in taking any of these classes, sign up here:


Probiotics for Plants

Image result for plant  probioticsIf you are interested in participating in the botany experiment “plants and probiotics” please join me Monday morning (12/4) for a discussion about a timeline for experimentation. In addition, please read the following short article from the American Society of Agronomy.

Probiotics – for plants  *helpful vocabulary hint: Endophytes are organisms like bacteria or fungi that live in between the cells in plant tissue.

Consider the following questions about the reading. 1) Briefly describe Sharon Doty’s experiment.  2) What happened to the rice plants that received transferred endophytes?  3) What is the potential impact of Doty’s experiment on chemical fertilizer use?

Jordan Creek Underground

Related imageThursday November 30th, we will explore Jordan Creek as it flows under the city of Springfield. Bring a flashlight, dress warmly, and wear shoes that can get wet. We will be gone most of the morning.

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