Congrats to Cozette for achieving top performance in math last week by putting in the most time, and completing the most challenges! Anna gets two thumbs up for coming in a close second. Nice work!!

Paper Roller Coasters

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Rules: 1. Your roller coaster must work without your team “helping” the marble along after its initial release.  2. Paper and tape are the only materials you may use other than the cardboard base (please tape roller coaster to base).

Judging: Points will be awarded for including the following items when building your track. Marble must complete the course to be awarded points.

  • jumps (marble is airborne briefly)
  • funnels
  • loops
  • curves
  • hills
  • tunnels
  • highest peak
  • fastest run
  • longest run by distance
  • longest run by time
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • most unique design

Assignment from S. Frye, Due 1/13


Think about these questions deeply – talk to your parents and friends about them before you answer or do some research if you need to.  E-mail your answers back to me by Friday the 13th. Answering these questions is a required task for 2nd semester.
1. What are you going to learn?
2. How are you going to learn it?
3. How are you going to show me you are learning?
I know this is open-ended and will be hard for some of you, but go for it anyway.  I am not looking for answers like “I’m going to learn what you teach me.”
I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Algebra II on ALEKS

I’ve changed the settings within ALEKS, so that topics are completed more in order than they seem to have been.  Most of you had a goal to finish the first pie-slice by the end of October, so I set that as the Class Goal.  Most of you are not quite there yet….

The next section, “Lines and Functions” is due at the end of November.  This section has 89 topics, so to finish by the end of November, you would need to complete a little more than 5 topics each school day… you are welcome, of course to work at home, over the weekend, and during Thanksgiving break as well – and some of you may need to, to get caught up.

We’ll leave the settings the way they are for the time-being; we can revisit in a week or so to see how things are working out for you.