Volunteers Wanted

Keegan’s mom is looking for volunteers to participate with their group at Convoy of Hope on the evening of February 28th. If you are interested in volunteering, please see one of the teachers for more information.

Upcoming Stuff

Saturday February 11th – 80’s Dance

Thursday February 16th – u.talk

Monday February 20th – No School, President’s Day

Friday February 24th – Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday February 25th – Re-enrollment begins

Saturday February 25th – Science Olympiad

Friday March 3rd – First Friday Art Walk “Human”

March 11th-19th – No School, Spring Break

Thursday March 30th – Crystal Bridges

Congratulations Evan!

Congratulations to senior Evan Fuller on his acceptance to the Kansas City Art Institute! Not only did Evan get into his first choice KCAI, but he also received a full scholarship.  We are so proud of him and all his effort and hard work he has put in to achieve his dream.

Assignment from S. Frye, Due 1/13


Think about these questions deeply – talk to your parents and friends about them before you answer or do some research if you need to.  E-mail your answers back to me by Friday the 13th. Answering these questions is a required task for 2nd semester.
1. What are you going to learn?
2. How are you going to learn it?
3. How are you going to show me you are learning?
I know this is open-ended and will be hard for some of you, but go for it anyway.  I am not looking for answers like “I’m going to learn what you teach me.”
I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Nub City

What is clear is that, at some point in the early ’50s, the idea of trading one’s limb for a few thousand dollars became seductive enough an option to a significant percentage of Vernon’s population. By the mid ’60s, at least 50 of Vernon’s 700 residents had joined the Nub Club by way of farming accidents, garage mishaps, hunting incidents, and so on. Although a few Vernon residents had the boldness to saw and hack off their limbs, most preferred the brevity of the shotgun blast.

Those of you looking for inspiration for your art, poetry, fiction, or lyrics. Those of you interested in the desperation of small town America. Those of you trying to understand the currents of American life that have led us to our current state of politics and economics. Those of you intrigued by the macabre and grotesque.

Read this. 

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