League of Nations

New Actions

For the past several months Serbian settlers have begun to claim lands claimed by the partially recognized territory of Kosovo. The Kosovan government urges the international community to step in and condemn the actions of the Serbs. In turn, the Serbian Government has requested the international community support them in reclaiming their stolen land. Your five nations are compelled to take sides in this disagreement.

League of Nations: Turkey Incident

Allegedly the Turkish government has begun launching bombing raids on areas of Kurdistan and Rojava. Reports suggest these attacks have been carried out by US built A-50 bombers. Though the extent to which the United States is possibly involved is unknown. President Erdogan denies these attacks have been targeted at the Kurds. They say any attacks they launch have been targeted at ISIS or Kurdish “terrorists.”

League of Nations: Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

A large, organized protest outside of the Israeli West Bank Barrier, commonly known as “the aparthied wall,” has escalated into a state of chaos. After roughly 3 hours of passionate protest, a minor scuffle broke out with riot police. It is unclear which party initially escalated force. Roughly 12 hours after the initial altercation with police, the protestors have become entreched and are resisting police attempts to break up the protest. Some reports have suggested makeshift camps are in the process of being set up. Though this is not confirmed. We know very little for certain about the efficacy or longevity of this protest. Some say this is an inevitable response to the Israeli’s treatment of the Palistinians, others say that violence is an inevitable measure to keep the peace. But one thing’s for sure, this problem runs far deeper than simply this protest
The NAU has been supporting the protesters on  state sponsored media, and intends to send them aid in the form of funds and supplies.

League of Nations: U.S. Something to Watch

First Bumblebee Declared Endangered in U.S.

The rusty patched bumblebee population has declined 87 percent over the past two decades.

“Bumblebees are among the most important pollinators of crops such as blueberries, cranberries, and clover and almost the only insect pollinators of tomatoes,” according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s rusty patched bumblebee profile. “The economic value of pollination services provided by native insects (mostly bees) is estimated at $3 billion per year in the United States.” (See seven intimate pictures that reveal the beauty of bees.)