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“September Suite” by Lucille Clifton

In September 2001, Lucille Clifton sent the Academy of American Poets a short manuscript of seven poems, one for each day of the week, entitled “September Suite” in response to the events that transpired on September 11th. This is the poem for September 11th.

September Suite by Lucille Clifton

Tuesday 9/11/2001 by Lucille Clifton

In addition to this poem, we will look at the other six poems that go with this one.  To see those go to https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/anthology/september-suite-lucille-cliftIbce

Click on the “options” on the page to see the other poems.  The assignment is to pick you favorite poem out of the 7 and write a paragraph on what it means and why it is your favorite.  Share with Sandy on Google Docs.

Poetry 21

We will meet to discuss the last group of poems on Monday at 1:00 (I will be at the Youth Writing Conference all day tomorrow).  I am still planning on adding a couple of poems today.  Please read all the poems, and pick at least one to study in-depth for discussion on Monday.

Poetry 21

Four new poems have been added to the “Contemporary Poetry” slide show that is shared with you in Google Docs.  Please ready all four poems and pick the one you like the best to dig deeper into the poem and poet. We will discuss these poems and poets on Friday.

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