New Classes for the Spring Semester

All of these classes are open for anyone to sign-up.

Science/Philosophy: “The Intelligence of the Cosmos” (meets Fridays at 10:00 starting the 26th)

Dani, Mya, Hunter, Anna, Olivia, Will, Joshua

Reading Group: Bel Canto (meets Thursdays at 10:00)

Anna, Blake, Lydia, Dani, Olivia, Leo, Caiden, Chloe, Cozette

The Art of Poetry (meets Mondays at 11:00):

Will, Ellie, Chloe, Sam, Dani, Anna, Finn, Cozette, Joshua, Lydia, Mya

Yearbook: Dani, Mya, Cozette, Olivia

The Art of Poetry

The “Art of Poetry” will cover a wide range of poetry styles and topics from classic to modern (including music lyrics). In this class, we will discuss selected poems as a class and learn techniques for writing poetry.  The end goal of this class is to understand poetry (reading and writing) as an art form that can improve your life and allow you to think deeper about individual experiences (yours or others).

To sign-up go here:

January Science Book Club (in addition to Bel Canto)

If you want to join in a reading and discussion of “The Intelligence of the Cosmos”  with Mrs. Frye, please note that in the comments.  This will take place in January in addition to your literature book club (or individual book).  This can go toward both lit. and science competencies.

Book Group: Dani, Mya, Hunter, Anna, Olivia, Will, Joshua