Movie Opportunity on Wednesday at The Moxie

The Moxie has offered us a private showing of the documentary “I am Not Your Negro” written by James Baldwin.  This documentary has received high praise and we urge you to go.

James Baldwin was an American novelist, essayist, playwright, poet, and social critic. His writings and work are important and moving. At some point in your high school career at we will discuss James Baldwin so this would be a good insight into his life and allow you to think deeper about his work.

The showing is this Wednesday at 1:00.  The cost is $8 per person.  The documentary is rated PG-13.  Please sign up here if you wish to go: Movie sign-up.

Parents are welcome to come as well.

Edit My Junk Mail

I mentioned this in Meta the other day…

It might be a fun exercise to copy edit or rewrite for clarity a classic piece of phishing junk mail. I copied a few particularly egregious phishing-style mail messages out of my SPAM folder and shared them below. This activity would probably be a good fit for a Copy Editing badge or Editing or Word Choice and Grammar. I imagine it could also be the inspiration for a creative writing piece (Creative Non Fiction, Poetry, Dialogue/Skit, Satire, Short Story). You could use it to explore the Economics of phishing emails, the politics of Nigerian royal families,  Online Crime and Identity Theft.