What’s Going On…

-Fill out “6 Things” you are working on this week and don’t forget to blog

-ACT Math Prep:  M,W,F

-Reading Group “The Color Purple” to page 39 for Tuesday afternoon the 5th

-Individual Reading Group check-ins early this week

-Psychology #12 assignment on the blog

-Fury and Furry mtg tomorrow at 10:00

-“Island of the Blue Dolphins” mtg. to wrap-up book on Wednesday at 10:00, “The One and Only Ivan” is our next book.

-Podcasting class is on Wednesday at 1:00 – have your ideas ready

-Friday morning we will have chemistry (advance questions to be posted to blog)

-Advanced writers meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) in the afternoon

Audio reflections this week: Solo, Nigel, Lola, Leo, Finn, Braden, Henry, and Will

Next Weeks “Specials” and Who Signed-up for What

Monday 2/4 (1x thing):  Tour to Urban Roots Farm 1-2:30 (Hunter, Chloe, Cozette, Dawson, Angelica, Meisi, Lola, Adam, Lydia, Leo, Ellie, Olivia)

Tuesday  2/5(5 weeks): Learn to do stage makeup 1-3 (Chloe, Adam, Leo, Lydia Ellie, Cozette, Angelica, Meisi, Anna, Lola)

Friday 2/8 (1x thing): Bowing and lunch at MSU 12:30-2:30 (Solo, Will, Hunter, Henry, Finn, Chloe, Cozette, Dawson, Angelica, Meisi, Lola, Adam, Leo, Lydia, Olivia, Aydan)


  • Communitas
  • Math and quiet hour 10-11
  • Psychology: Lecture 3 11:00-12
  • Don’t forget to keep blogging
  • Reading assignment “Gone Girl” pp. 1-30
  • Writing assignment from handout due on Friday
  • Boxing 1:45-2:45
  • Assignment in Fury and Furry¬†
  • Prep for u.talk on Dec. 13
  • Tomorrow FFAW 6:30 to 8:00
  • Independent projects ongoing

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