Cyanotype Art Project

Cyanotype and Van Dyke on Silk Organze, 3 works, each work 48″H x 54″W

Let me know if you are interested in participating in a cyanotype art project. We have the materials to make something like 50 8×10 prints or fewer larger prints. The process can be done on paper or fabric. We could even do a super large project on a bed sheet or a bolt of fabric.

Check out this gallery for some ideas.

or google image search Cyanotype

Crystal Bridges Trip on 3/30

These people are signed up to go to Crystal Bridges.  I am going to reserve the bus on Friday, so if you want to go and you are not on this list, you need to sign up via Google form asap. This is a whole school trip and we would like everyone to go.

Congratulations Evan!

Congratulations to senior Evan Fuller on his acceptance to the Kansas City Art Institute! Not only did Evan get into his first choice KCAI, but he also received a full scholarship.  We are so proud of him and all his effort and hard work he has put in to achieve his dream.