Upper English: Habits of A Creative Mind

Please read an excerpt from  “Habits of the Creative Mind” shared in Google Docs 1/23. Do any of the practice sessions that will help improve your writing (I will open an assignment in Classroom if you want to share).  Please be prepared to discuss this reading and your reflections on Friday.

Book Groups

Let’s meet on Wednesday the 25th.  If you don’t see your name on this list, please respond to the e-mail survey.

Slapstick:  Discussion Chapters 0-11 (Ellie, Liv, Joshua, Dani, Chloe, Anthony, Owen, Anthony, Sandy)

Siege and Storm: Discussion Chapters 0-4 (Anna, Keegan, Kyla, Hailey, Hogan)

Fight Club, The Soul of an Octopus and Ready Player One:  Purchase and have book by Wednesday – we will set read to deadlines (Chris, Will, Laura, Rhiannon)

Other Books: Find a time to meet with Mrs. Frye and let her know your plans (Bowie, Savannah, Hunter)


Creative Writing – where we left off last semester

For discussion on Friday Jan. 20th

For the next section of hs creative writing,  we will think about this proposition:   “Thinking is the intentional act of making connections.”

This is an important reading/thought process for those of you who want to advance your writing past the basic and the formatted style of writing.

I would like you to do all three practice sections of this assignment (I think it is that important).  To complete all of them, you will also need to read an essay I have attached.

I am giving you a lot of time to complete this, so please take it seriously.  Thank you in advance:).

The reading and assignment have been shared on Google Docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N3qWOScAECBJ9oDjWJbhuCd8EgX0_5imzAAH-cl6BPg/edit


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