Agenda for Communitas 17

Please add agenda items for Communitas 17 on Thursday, Jan 26th, 2017.

Art Chemistry Culinary Arts English Film Global Citizenship Life Life Science Math Performing Arts Philosophy Physics Programming Science

Project Ideas – Check out this Site

Check out the site from Iowa Big Schools.  Many of these projects could be modified to your community:


Upper English: Habits of A Creative Mind

Please read an excerpt from  “Habits of the Creative Mind” shared in Google Docs 1/23. Do any of the practice sessions that will help improve your writing (I will open an assignment in Classroom if you want to share).  Please be prepared to discuss this reading and your reflections on Friday.

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English A (for students not in Creative Writing class)

Hunter, Jacob, Henry, Keegan, Hailey, Will, Solo

Read Just Lather, That’s All by  Hernando Tellez for discussion on Monday


Anna, Kyla, Lola, Finn, Aydan, Cozette, Hogan

Read Harrison Bergeron  by Kurt Vonnegut for discussion on Monday


Book Groups

Let’s meet on Wednesday the 25th.  If you don’t see your name on this list, please respond to the e-mail survey.

Slapstick:  Discussion Chapters 0-11 (Ellie, Liv, Joshua, Dani, Chloe, Anthony, Owen, Anthony, Sandy)

Siege and Storm: Discussion Chapters 0-4 (Anna, Keegan, Kyla, Hailey, Hogan)

Fight Club, The Soul of an Octopus and Ready Player One:  Purchase and have book by Wednesday – we will set read to deadlines (Chris, Will, Laura, Rhiannon)

Other Books: Find a time to meet with Mrs. Frye and let her know your plans (Bowie, Savannah, Hunter)



Creative Writing – where we left off last semester

For discussion on Friday Jan. 20th

For the next section of hs creative writing,  we will think about this proposition:   “Thinking is the intentional act of making connections.”

This is an important reading/thought process for those of you who want to advance your writing past the basic and the formatted style of writing.

I would like you to do all three practice sections of this assignment (I think it is that important).  To complete all of them, you will also need to read an essay I have attached.

I am giving you a lot of time to complete this, so please take it seriously.  Thank you in advance:).

The reading and assignment have been shared on Google Docs



Current Book for Literature

Please respond to the poll in your e-mail regarding the book you are currently reading or planning to read next.

Art Film Global Citizenship Philosophy Programming

Hollywood: History, Industry and Art

This looks like an interesting class from the University of Pennsylvania.  It is free and self-paced and should take around four weeks to complete working 3-4 hours per week on it. Check it out:

Art Chemistry Culinary Arts English Film Global Citizenship Life Life Science Math Performing Arts Philosophy Physics Programming Science

Assignment from S. Frye, Due 1/13


Think about these questions deeply – talk to your parents and friends about them before you answer or do some research if you need to.  E-mail your answers back to me by Friday the 13th. Answering these questions is a required task for 2nd semester.
1. What are you going to learn?
2. How are you going to learn it?
3. How are you going to show me you are learning?
I know this is open-ended and will be hard for some of you, but go for it anyway.  I am not looking for answers like “I’m going to learn what you teach me.”
I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Next High School (or anyone) Book Groups


Firstly, finish Running with Scissors and be ready to have a discussion on January 9th.

Slapstick Amazon link by Kurt Vonnegut and The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery are our next book groups.  Read about them and then choose one or both of these books to read.

Joshua will be leading Slapstick with the first reading discussion set for the week of Jan. 9th (exact date and “read to” page) to be published on this blog by Monday.

I’m looking for “that special someone” to lead The Soul of an Octopus.  If you are interested, let Sandy know or comment below.  We will start reading this book and set deadlines after we come back from winter break.

You will be responsible for securing your selected book(s). If this is a problem we can help – let S.F. know.

Everyone must be reading a book during the year.  If you are not interested in either of these books, please select another one for yourself and let Sandy know the details.