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Four Square Record

Existing Record is 29 hours. Set in 2008 in Argentina

We would need to register and apply for the specific record. They will then send us guidelines for that event and then we record and collect evidence such as…

  • Cover Letter
  • Two Witness Statement
  • Photographic Evidence
  • Video Evidence
  • Statements (all time dependant records)
  • Surveyor Statement (for records dependant on physical dimensions)
  • Log Books (for record attempts lasting long or extended periods of time)

It all seems quite doable. We just need to commit to doing it. 

American History: Supplemental Reading

I talked about Cahokia and the mound builders during the first American History lecture. I just saw this recent article in Smithsonian that talks in more detail about the mound building cultures and explores the American mythology about these original mound builders and how it impacted things like justifications for Indian removal (one of the big themes in my lecture on Wednesday). For those interested in supplemental reading…

Smithsonian Magazine: White Settlers Buried the Truth About the Midwest’s Mysterious Mound Cities

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