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Solution to QOTD 5/11/2020

In order to find the location of the new figure, we have to understand how rotations and translations occur.

When a figure is rotated about the origin, the figure remains rigid, it does not change its shape, only its location. Imagine holding your finger on the origin and rotating the paper 90* to the right. This is now where the points of your figure lie. The shortcut for finding the new location is: (x,y) –> (y, -x). In other words, first find the coordinates for each point of your original figure. The coordinates for your rotation 90* clockwise will be switched, and take the opposite sign of whatever your x value was.

For this figure, the original location is: A(-10,0), B(-3,7), C(0,5), D(-2,2)

Rotated 90* clockwise: A(0,-10), B(7,3), C(5,0), D(2,2)

Now, to complete the translation, simply perform the function indicated: here it says to add 1 to the x coordinates, and subtract 2 from the y coordinates. Thus:

A(1,8), B(8,1), C(6,-2), D(3,0)