At Home

Day 15: At Home

Good Morning u.schoolers,

You probably saw that Missouri public schools are officially online only until the end of the school year. We will follow that advice as well. That means that will officially be in “At Home” mode for the rest of the school year. 

According to the official school calendar today was scheduled as a day-off for “Professional Development”. If you would like to honor that original calendar and take the day-off, by all means do so. We will still be posting prompts and activities on the Learning Opportunities in Discord and Headrush if you want to participate. They will stay posted through the weekend and into Monday if you want to take the day off and come back at it next week. 

Somewhere in there please remember to update your DS Tracker spreadsheet with your hours for the week and make sure it is shared with Sandy and me. 

Finally, when you log into Headrush next time please notice that there has been an update and there is now a Calendar View feature in the Task Board. If even allows you to drag and drop tasks onto the calendar. I am looking at ways that we could bring the DS Tracker tool into Headrush using this feature. Another update to Headrush allows you to view your list of Learning Opportunities in List mode on the main Dashboard. This even includes the ability to sort them by any of the columns including sorting Alphabetically. For those of us with a big list of Learning Opportunities this is a big improvement! 

Finally, I posted this on Discord but I should mention here, too. Sandy is having Internet problems at home and won’t be able to be online as often as she would like. She is hoping it will be fixed by Monday but in the meantime, if you don’t get a quick response from her, that might be why. I’ll be glad to try and answer questions or relay them to her or you can reach out to her directly via text messaging or phone call (but even that has been spotty). 

Enjoy your weekend. If your family celebrates Easter, Happy Easter to you and your family. If not, have a great weekend.