At Home

Day 14: At Home

Welcome to Thursday April 9th, 2020.

There will never be another April 9th, 2020. A unique day in all of human history. Do something with your day to honor it. 

Here are some things you can do::

  • Come to Communitas 112 today at 11am on Discord #communitas-text
  • You can also come to Russian History (also on Discord) at 1:30pm today. Be ready to talk about Stalin.
  • If you are training for the 5K today you should run 8 mins, walk 2 mins, Repeat 3 times. 
  • Other than that, there are prompts and assignments and activities in all the usual places.
  • And of course, it wouldn’t be a morning message with a reminder to Record and Reflect in your Tracker and on Headrush. 

Oh April 9th, 2020, we have been waiting a lifetime for you to arrive.