At Home

Day 11: At Home

Good Morning u.schoolers,

This is probably about the time that being home like this is getting very old. The excitement of the unusual is worn off by now. Missouri is now officially under a Stay at Home order until at least April 24th.

One strategy is to maintain a routine.

Here is one approach to “a quarantine routine” that I found on Twitter. 

My Quarantine Routine
I just wanted to share what works for me. This is just to give me structure and a sense of stability
9 am – 2 am: wake up & stare at my phone

Now this strategy might not work for everyone.

You might choose the go to bed and wake up at a regular time. You might have a morning routine of getting ready, making breakfast.

You might decide to read your book out on the deck when the weather is nice.

You might have a planned movie watching time with family. You might start the week off by creating a DS Tracker and sharing it with Pat and Sandy.

You might end the week by completing your DS Tracker and updating everything in Headrush.

That’s a different strategy.

It’s Monday. Hop on Discord and see what it is new in your Learning Opportunities. There is new stuff happening in these things all week. But you gotta show up to see it. And you gotta participate for it to have meaning.  So go out there and do some stuff this week if for no other reason than to help you keep your sanity during this time.