At Home

Day 9: At Home

Hello Out There! 

It’s Thursday. That means Communitas. Tune in today at 11am on the #communitas-text channel on Discord for Communitas 111. Not much on the agenda yet but it will be nice to see everyone together.

I am also hoping to pull off another Russian History discussion this afternoon at 1pm. If you are in that Learning Opportunity, please go to the Discord channel and answer the question of whether you will be ready for today’s discussion. 

In other news, we’ve got things going on in Treasure Hunt, Weird Questions, Meme Battles, Thank You for the Rain, ACT Prep, Pre-Algebra, Connections, Documentary Now, Short Stories, Photo Workshop, and much more. Login to Discord and/or Headrush to participate.

Don’t forget to share your DS Tracker and post to Headrush. 

See you at 11am