At Home

Day 7: At Home

Good Morning u.schoolers,

It is a rainy Tuesday morning. Might be a good day to crack open a book, watch a documentary, do some journaling, write some science fiction, bake cookies, etc. A lot of stuff got posted yesterday so check out Discord and/or Headrush for new prompts and instructions in a variety of group Learning Opportunities.

Of course, you probably have a number of your own things going on, too. Keep busy. One way to get through this strange period of being locked in is to keep yourself too busy to think about it. 
On the other hand, this is potentially a stressful time for people. If you are feeling overwhelmed it is ok to let yourself be unproductive. You are going to have days where you get stuff done and days where you don’t. That’s ok.

I’ll leave it at that today. There is stuff on Discord, keep up with Headrush.

If you necessary, go back to the beginning and rewatch the instructional videos from the beginning of At Home.

If you have questions feel free to reach out.