At Home

Day 6: At Home

Good Morning u.schoolers,

Here are some things on tap for this week.

  • New challenges will be posted in Treasure Hunt, Meme Battles, Weird Questions, Great Bake-Off, Math Question of the Day, Photo Workshop
  • Keep on Bird Watching and training for a 5K
  • New readings/watchings posted for The Catcher in the Rye, Documentary Now, Russian History
  • New prompts posted for Journaling, Sci Fi Fiction, and You’ve Got Mail
  • I am hoping to get Connections, Puppet Battle, and Charades off the ground this week

That’s a lot of stuff. Dang, man. No wonder I was tired at the end of last week. 

Don’t forget. Today is your day to create a new copy of the DS Tracker and plan/predict your week of Doing Something. Also, make sure your Headrush reflects the things you have been working on. Having gone through last week’s DS Trackers and Headrush, it does appear some of us are falling a bit behind on the Headrush stuff. Remember, that is your permanent record of your learning. It’s kinda a big deal. Don’t let it slip.

Anyways, I’ve got a lot of work making prompts. I’ll let you get busy. Enjoy your Monday.

From Sandy: Also, new assignments in The Catcher in the Rye, Short Stories and Poetry, and I will be posting the first video of Thank you For the Rain. It’s very important you record in Headrush to get credit for your work.