At Home

Friday: At Home

We made it to Friday. Today you should be updating your DS Tracker and making sure it is shared with Sandy and me. You should also make sure and spend time on Headrush and make sure it is reflecting all of the stuff you are doing. 

Yesterday we held a successful Communitas on our Discord server and a real-time text chat for Russian History. The Russian History discussion ended up going on for more than an hour. I partly credit Rasputin for being such an unbelievable historical figure but it goes to show that we can still do good stuff even while we are stuck at home. 

Speaking of being stuck at home, the weather is nice. Get outside a little bit. Sandy’s 5K training group has been taking advantage of the weather, I think everyone should spend a little bit of time getting some vitamins from the sun. Oh, and put it down on your DS Tracker and Headrush, too. 

I think this will be the last morning meeting email that I send to parents. Next week, I’ll just include the students. I wanted the parents to get a sense of how things are going to operate and I think that happened. 

So, check in on Discord. Up date your DS Tracker, keep up with Headrush. Sandy and I will go through and award DS Credits this weekend. In his weekly email this morning, Austin Kleon said, reading a book is the best distance learning. So go outside and bring a book with you. Two for one special.

Have a good Friday.