At Home

Day 3: At Home

Good Morning and welcome to Day 3 of At Home
Things are starting to move and get going.

If you haven’t check out the Discord server, head on over (check your email for the invite code)

A lot of community building/maintaining is going on in the general discussion there and a lot of Learning Opportunities got going yesterday.

  • The first Treasure Hunt was posted.
  • The first Great Bake Off kicked off with a biscuit making challenge.
  • Writing prompts were posted by Joe in both Science Fiction writing and Journaling 
  • The first poem to read and discuss was posted in Short Stories and Poetry
  • The first documentary was posted in Documentary Now
  • The first two photo shoot challenges were posted in Photo Workshop
  • The first meme battle commenced in Meme Battles
  • Russian History posted the readings/videos for the week (we are on the Russian Revolution) 
  • We started collecting addresses so we can send mail in You’ve Got Mail
  • The first runners started their training in Couch to 5K
  • Terri posted her second Math Question of the Day yesterday
  • and a number of students took on the Weird Question of the Day

By the way, Karlee posted two science Learning Opportunities to the sign up document: 

Teacher-Led Learning Opportunities

If you still want to sign up for any of the teacher-led Learning Opportunities, head over there and sign up.

Also, if you want to join any of the Learning Opportunities that started this week, let us know or add your name to the doc. It is not too late to join any of them. 

Starting up soon will be Movie Club, Thank You for the Rain, Charades, Puppet Battle, Connections, Pre-Algebra, and ACT Math.

The weather is supposed to be nice this afternoon. Remember to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine!