At Home

Day 2: At Home

Good Morning u.schoolers and welcome to Day 2 At Home. Thank you to everyone who signed up for teacher-led Learning Opportunities, shared their DS Tracker spreadsheet, joined our Discord server, and kept up to date on Headrush. All in all it was a good start to At Home. If you haven’t managed to do all of those things yet.

Teacher-led Learning Opportunities:

The DS Tracker is here: 

Instructions for DS Tracker are here:

Check your email for the Discord server invite.

Headrush is here: 

  • Thank you to the students who patiently taught us old people how and why to use Discord. I think it will be a useful tool to help us feel like a connected community. 
  • Look for some Headrush training videos to come out soon
  • Check Discord or Headrush for Russian History homework
  • All of the other teacher-led Learning Opportunities will be posting things to Discord and Headrush in the next few days
  • Thank you for your patience as we ramp this up. We will be working out schedules and timing on Learning Opportunities. In the meantime, check your email, look at the blog, join us on Discord, etc, etc.