At Home

Working from home

Until further notice we are going to be doing from home. This guide is designed to help you understand how we will be making this work.

We are building off of our simple model:


We will be using our DS Tracker tool and Headrush to REFLECT and RECORD.

We have designed a weekly system that should be pretty easy to keep up with.

On Monday you will plan your week using a copy of the DS Tracker spreadsheet.

On Friday you will update your tracker to reflect what you did that week.

In between you will be using Headrush to REFLECT on your Learning Opportunities and to RECORD your Evidence of Learning.

Step One is to create a copy of your own DS Tracker and plan your week. The link to the read-only DS Tracker is at the top of this blog.

Click on that link. It will open a read-only version of the DS Tracker. To create your own copy, click on File and scroll down to Make a Copy.

Rename that copy to include Your Name and the date at the start of the week.

Finally, fill out the tracker with your plans for the week. We know that this is somewhat of a guess as to what you will be working on. But go ahead and think about what you want to do; don’t worry, on Friday you can adjust it to reflect what you actually worked on.

At the end of the week you are going to finalize your DS Tracker and make sure that your Headrush is up to date and matches what your DS Tracker says.

The first step is to open the DS Tracker you created at the start of the week.

Update it with the actual hours spent. You might have guessed high or low, you may have done things you didn’t plan on, or you might have not gotten around to things you did plan on. Don’t worry. Just make sure the Tracker represents what you spent your time doing.

The last step is to ask yourself, “Are these Learning Opportunities also in Headrush?”

Remember, the DS Tracker is a tool to plan and report on what you did for a single week. Headrush is a different tool that is used to capture your Reflections, Evidence of Learning, and Learning Targets. We use Headrush to award your credits, generate your transcripts and give you a longer term lens on your learning.

Even if there is a little bit of overlap, these are two different tools that are used for two different things.