The Future of Cars

I created a spreadsheet for you to claim your research topic on The Future of Cars

Feel free to add your own topic if you don’t see one you like. I would like you to research the topic and be able to explain it to us. Think about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your topic. The list I came up with includes:

  • Flying cars
  • Hydrogen fuel cells to power cars
  • Autonomous driving cars
  • LiDAR in cars
  • Stirling Engine
  • Connected cars (networked with other cars to avoic accidents, efficient traffic)
  • Cars made of carbon fibre, plastic, composite materials for light weight
  • Customized/individualized cars with new manufacturing techniques (3D printing, etc)
  • Smart cities and smart roads

Feel free to add your own topic to the spreadsheet if you don’t like one of these. Oh, and please do your research before class instead of while class is going on.