Chemistry :: Week 10 :: Molecular Gastronomy

What exactly is molecular gastronomy? – one definition is here another definition is here.

Demonstration of the below Caviar Experiment

a slide show of cool molecular gastronomy experiments by Chef Wylie Dufresne

More about experimental cuisine.


Experiment #1 – cola caviar (based on a recipe off

• 1 g sodium alginate
• 100 g cola or other soda drink
For the setting bath
• 8- 10 g of calcium chloride
• 100 g of water

1. Measure out the soda on the scale. Add to small pot. Heat until boiling
2. Turn heat down to medium and mix in the sodium alginate with a whisk. Stir
until all of the powder is dissolved. This will take some time
3. Turn off heat and allow solution to cool to room temperature
4. Meanwhile, mix up the calcium chloride and water in a 1 cup measuring cup
5. Once the cola solution is cool, put it in a small plastic bag, carefully cut off one
corner and allow to drip into the setting solution
6. Once all of the solution has been dripped into the setting bath, pour out the
setting solution and the caviar into a sieve over the sink and rinse very well
under cold water
7. taste and enjoy!

Experiment #2: Spherical mango gnocchi

• 250 g water
• 2 g sodium citrate
• 2 g sodium alginate
• 250 g of mango puree

Setting bath:
• 1000 g of water
• 5 g calcium chloride

1. Mix together the sodium citrate and water with a whist. Once dissolved, ass the
sodium alginate and mix well. To aid in the dissolution, let sit for 5 minutes, and
mix again. If the majority of the powders have been dissolved, then go to step 2
2. Bring solution to a rolling boil. Remove from heat and allow to cool to room
3. Meanwhile, puree the mango making sure that you have 250 g at the end
4. Once your solution has cooled, add the mango puree
5. Make up your setting bath in a pan so that there is at least 5 cm depth of the
setting bath
6. Put your mango solution into a plastic bath and cut off one corner
7. Drop the mango solution into the setting bath, and let them sit for at least 2
minutes in the setting bath
8. Rinse in very cold water.