Chemistry: Week 4

This week we will be studying yeast, salt, and bread. Please read pp. 515-550 in the text book and answer these questions

 Yeast Specific Questions: 

1. What is yeast? 

2. Who was the first scientist to identify how yeast works? 

3. What is the different types of yeast available? 

4. Why do you have to add sugar to the yeast? 

5. What is the yeast’s function in the bread? 

6. What else is the major use of yeast in consumer products? 

Bread specific questions: 

1. Why do you have to let the bread rise twice? 

2. Why do you knead bread dough? 

3. Why do you brush the egg yolk on top of the bread before you bake it? 

4. What chemical reaction causes the elastic bread dough to form? 

5. Why happens if your body can’t digest gluten? 

6. What exactly is gluten? 

Salt specific questions: 

1. What is salt? 

2. What is the purpose in the bread?