Psychology: Week 1

I forgot that Alyx Jacobs was coming from KCAI this morning and then with Boxing starting this afternoon we ended up missing our first class.

Your first assignment is to go to the Yale course website and watch the first week’s lecture from Paul Bloom

A good portion of the video is not relevant to us because it is about particulars of the actual class happening at the time of the recording but the rest of it is a good start for us. The textbooks should start arriving next week. We have two readings from this week to catch up on. 

  • Chapter 1 from Peter Gray Psychology 
  • “How to Think Straight about Psychology.” from Keith Stanovich in The Norton Psychology Reader pp. 27-37

The Yale class is designed to do two lectures and readings per week. We will start out at a slower pace, one lecture and reading per week. Once we get a groove going — and if you feel it will work — we can pick up the pace to two per week. 

By the way, the powerpoint slides for the first lecture are under the Resources tab on the right side of the screen. You can open them in a new window and follow along with the lecture … but, they do not include all of the slides from this lecture (possibly because of copyright issues). You can find images of some of what he is talking about in those sections with some simple Googling. For instance, there is no slide for Phineas Gage but that is easy enough to look up on Google. Same is true for Oskar Schindler, Paul Rusesabagina, Osama Bin Laden, Ted Bundy. But probably not for his son Zachary dressed in a Spiderman costume. 

We will discuss the video when we meet next Tuesday.