League of Nations

League of Nations

Not enough attention has been paid to global warming.  The sea level is rising at an alarming rate.  These countries are under water now.  If something isn’t done your country may be next.


Marshall Islands



Solomon Islands




Papua New Guinea


This would cause a refugee crisis. The populations of those nations:






157 mil

98 mil

82 mil

7 mil


With every turn, 5% of the unsaved refugee population will die.

A sudden influx of refugees will result in substantial government costs, increased crime rates, a housing crisis, and domestic pushback from the nation’s right wing.

The cost of refugee resettlement is hotly contested and varies widely. Common estimates range from about 10 to 20 thousand per refugee in government spending annually (USA). The nations will have to outline their total intended spending, the methods which they intend to employ to resettle these refugees, the population distribution of the refugees (you can’t just put them all in one city), and their plans for economic stimulus in light of the mass resettlement.

The outbreak of FUBAR 116 will spread dramatically. Particularly in nations where it has been poorly contained. The United States and Russia will be the hardest hit.

Other Updates

LoN individual issues

The hostage crisis in Brazil has escalated. The Brazilian Government has one more turn to negotiate for the release of Secretary Frye. And now the LMG has demanded the negotiations be done on a public stage. They will not negotiate otherwise. If negotiations fail, the following turn can be used to execute a military operation. However it must be planned for now, and there is a chance the LMG will discover this planning. If the plans for the operation are discovered, Secretary Frye will be killed immediately.


The Spying situation between China and the UK can be resolved by a joint government effort. It will take only one turn to complete. However, the content revealed through the investigation might be potentially damaging to both countries. Some things may be better left unknown.


(If perused) The Chinese virus would destroy the bonds and records of interconnected hospital networks. On a military level and civilian level. Making any attempts to mount organized resistance to a disease impossible. (The Chinese spy incident was announced two turns before FUBAR 116 existed)

Economic riots worldwide. They’ve increased by a large magnitude. It sucks.
FUBAR 116 news

The US

FUBAR 116 has become a plague that ravages the poor. Lots of rural victims don’t know they have it before it’s too late and have no way to quarantine themselves or seen help from medical professionals. This has ravaged the areas of the southwestern US where it has taken hold. The populace is ill and the economy has ground to a halt. Many cities are effectively ghost towns. The laborers who keep the economy flowing are either homesick, scared of getting sick, coming into work sick, or can’t be productive because of all the sick.

Worse, there are reports of citizens artificially and unofficially blocking roads in and out of Arizona, where the disease is at its worst. They have also begun to create unofficial quarantine zones, enforced with violence and fear (also guns). FUBAR 116 has been contained in those states but is estimated to have infected over 6 thousand people as of now. With a death toll of 75 percent.


Russia’s story is very similar to the US. The number of infections within their borders is now at about 15 thousand (Death toll 75%). Their lack of medical infrastructure in rural areas has amplified their plight.


FUBAR 116 is still contained to Shanghai. The corpse crisis in Shanghai has reached a breaking point. Corpses now litter the streets, the stench of dead and rotting flesh is inescapable. Almost all the city’s internal systems and infrastructure have shut down, including running water and plumbing. The rate of infection now sits at 17% and is rising rapidly. The Chinese government needs to respond to this crisis immediately or risk a massive break of the quarantine.

(Note: Approach MOD with offer)

The UK

The United Kingdom still has very few confirmed cases on FUBAR 116. After the one confirmed case was quarantined, 20 new cases have emerged across London. The British government has a chance to learn from the mistakes of her contemporaries and contain this disease before things spiral out of control.