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The World Health organization has officially declared this strand of antibiotic resistant tuberculosis a pandemic. And has named this strand of the disease to FUBAR 116.

There have been confirmed cases of FUBAR 116 in the following cities:

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Tiapei, Tiawan

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Munich, Germany

  • Seoul, South Korea

  • Mexico City, Mexico

Taking advantage of the international chaos, the North African Union is attempting to annex Sudan


Conditions in the quarantined Shanghai are rapidly deteriorating. Riots and protests have been constant. Multiple attempts to pacify rioters have resulted in the massacre of civilians. The disease is spreading at an unprecedented rate. With an estimated 3% of the city’s population infected. Hospitals are overflowing and medicine is becoming scarce. In addition to this, the city does not have a safe way to dispose of their dead. Currently, soldiers are bringing infected bodies out of Shanghai by the truckload with no way to safely dispose of them. It feels as if the situation in Shanghai has reached a breaking point. However, under state and military control, the disease has yet to infect Chinese cities outside of Shanghai.

In an attempt to take control of their destinies, the populace of Shanghai has created a form of decentralized popular government to handle rationing goods, restoring order, and treating the sick. This has taken some pressure off of the state to quell dissent. Rumors are circulating that this informal government is organizing a form of massive armed rebellion. If even 1% of Shanghai’s 24 million people can be mobilized against the government, no military force could stop them without bloodshed.

Rioting has largely been avoided in mainland China. However, a large impromptu protest rages on in Beijing. Demanding the government free the uninfected in Shanghai.


Though Brazil has yet to see a case of this tuberculosis, their nation is far from stable.

The recent natural disaster and panicked shut down of trade has led to an economic and infrastructural collapse.

The nation’s breakdown and fear of FUBAR 116 has sparked major riots in the following cities.

  • Rio de Janeiro

  • Salvador

  • Belo Horizonte

  • Sao Paulo

  • Brazilia

Seizing an opportunity created by a chaotic world, a radical environmentalist group has taken Brazil’s Secretary of the Interior, Ms. Anna Frye, hostage. This group calls themselves Liberação Para mãe Gaia (Liberation of Mother Gaia), or simply LMG. This group is armed heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Their stated central goal is halting the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. They seem to be primarily stationed in Northeast Brazil, with prominent chapters in Bolivia and Peru. They are most famous for a string of bombings against Nestle offices. Killing 27 people total and causing millions of dollars in property damage. They demand an immediate end to all deforestation of the Amazon in Brazil. In exchange, the Ms. Frye will be safely returned. The Brazilian government has two turns (now one) to meet their demands or find an alternative. If their demands are not met, Ms. Frye will be executed.

The United States of America

The world’s greatest superpower is overrun with chaos. A consumer economy cannot exist without producers to support it, and America has lost its largest producer. Goods shortages have led to rioting in the following cities.

  • New York

  • Los Angeles

  • Chicago

  • Washington DC

  • St. Louis

  • Seattle

  • Portland

  • Houston

The American public widely demands either a cure for FUBAR 116, or the resignation of the Secretary of the Interior and President.

Five cases of FUBAR 116 have been confirmed in Los Angeles, one of which resulted in the infected woman’s death. This prompted already intense rioting to dramatically increase in severity.

On Tuesday, March 28th, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, spoke at a press event on the city’s effort to contain FUBAR 116. He was shot dead by a man named Leo Warwick, who was masquerading as a reporter. After the shooting, Warwick promptly took his own life. Leo was the father of FUBAR 116’s only American victim thus far, Chelsi Warwick. In the days following the assassination, Leo has become a surprising martyr for American protesters. Symbolizing their frustration with the government’s failure to prepare for this crisis.

The United Kingdom

Within the borders of the UK, any semblance of order is beginning to slowly erode in light of new events.

A shipyard worker in London has fallen ill extremely recently. He exhibits all the symptoms of FUBAR 116. A positive or negative diagnosis should be confirmed within the day. Depending on the results of the diagnosis and the length of time which he has been carrying the disease, irreversible damage may have already been done.

Regardless of any possible infections, hundreds of city streets throughout the country are filled with rioters and looters. Goods shortages ravage all corners of the UK and the following cities have effectively screeched to a halt.

  • London

  • Southampton

  • Birmingham

  • Edinburgh

  • Glasgow

  • Belfast

A woman, thought to be a Chinese spy by the name of Wang Jing has been found dead in The Milestone Hotel in London. Suspect items found in her room include, multiple passports with different names, a Glock G29 handgun, coded documents in Chinese, and several dozen usb flash drives. Upon further investigation of these flash drives, a form of malicious software which is undetectable on a most computers has been discovered. Despite being able to recognize the software’s existence, UK intelligence officials have no way to determine the software’s purpose. However, if data the Chinese Ministry of State Security could be obtained, this puzzle could be solved.


The Russian government struggles to maintain control in a country rapidly succumbing to disease and economic collapse.

The already unstable economy of Russia has taken a nose dive due to the self imposed trade restrictions of most major nations. In addition to this, they too are suffering from the same lack of manufactured goods as the rest of the world. Their citizens have not taken this very kindly and have taken to the streets to protest, riot, and loot in the following cities.

  • Moscow

  • St. Petersberg

  • Volgograd

  • Yekaterburg

  • Novosibirsk

FUBAR 116 has spread to St. Petersberg and Moscow. With 30 confirmed cases in the former and 13 confirmed cases in the latter.