Creative Thinking Class

Reflect on what we have learned from the book “Habits of the Creative Mind” and our class discussions – you may want to go back through past posts or borrow the book. This class was designed as series of guideposts to take you off the beaten path- away from testing, conventional thinking about writing (and other things), and the traditional five-paragraph essay.

Look at writing as a technology for confronting the unknown. If you do this, you will question over argue; use curiosity over conviction; and mindful practice over mindless repetition.

The assignment is for you to write a piece based on what interests you. This could mean you continue to work on an ongoing writing (share with me please).  It can be fiction or non-fiction, most any genre. I would rather you didn’t re-work something done before this class because hopefully, your mindset about writing has shifted since then.

Here is a list of writing genres to start your brainstorming.