Sculpture takes wintry tumble Tuesday at 7:30 a.m.

Interested citizens are encouraged to gather in Park Central Square at 7:30 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 20 to view the winter rotation of the Tumbler, Springfield’s first piece of modern art. Bundle up, grab some coffee and watch this seasonal tradition unfold as Public Works puts a new spin on this familiar downtown landmark.

About the Tumbler

Created by sculptor Aris Demetrios, The Tumbler was installed on the square in 1971 and is regarded as Springfield’s first piece of modern art. It was discovered in recent years that the sculpture was intended to be re-oriented, or “tumbled,” every season to create a new piece of art. Creation of the Tumbler was funded by an arts patron identified as “Mrs. Monroe Swyers,” who reportedly donated $15,000. Demetrios said that barely covered the cost of steel to make it.

View a video about the Tumbler.