Next High School (or anyone) Book Groups


Firstly, finish Running with Scissors and be ready to have a discussion on January 9th.

Slapstick Amazon link by Kurt Vonnegut and The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery are our next book groups.  Read about them and then choose one or both of these books to read.

Joshua will be leading Slapstick with the first reading discussion set for the week of Jan. 9th (exact date and “read to” page) to be published on this blog by Monday.

I’m looking for “that special someone” to lead The Soul of an Octopus.  If you are interested, let Sandy know or comment below.  We will start reading this book and set deadlines after we come back from winter break.

You will be responsible for securing your selected book(s). If this is a problem we can help – let S.F. know.

Everyone must be reading a book during the year.  If you are not interested in either of these books, please select another one for yourself and let Sandy know the details.