HS English – Creative Writing Class

This week we are going to discuss “creative reading” as opposed to writing.

Once you learn to read and that process has been routinized and internalized, why is it that different people reading the same material reach different conclusions? Or to put this another way, why is there ambiguity (uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language)? Why is there a misunderstanding? What happens in the movement from decoding the characters on the page or screen to creating an interpretation of what those characters, considered in context, might mean that causes one reader’s mind to go in one direction and another reader’s mind to go in different directions?

For many students, the mystery of how teachers-and experts, in general–read is never solved. For these students, the experience of higher-order literacy, where reading and writing become ways to create new ideas remains out of reach.  I don’t want this to happen to you!  

The first step in this assignment is this (the next step will come at the end of the week):

  1. Research Diane Arbus in a way that is comfortable to you.  You will find many resources about her on-line (as well as movies, documentaries, ect..).  On Friday be ready to discuss your research about Arbus and give your opinion of her work.  Your research should run pretty deep – I would at least look at five sources.  You should keep notes to help you remember your main points (copying and pasting from different places into one doc. is fine).  I would also suggest you jot down questions you have while researching Arbus.  Keep those questions, they will help the group discussion on Friday.