English Life

Remember that photo poetry assignment?

Well, this was one result and I am in love with it.

There Were Signs 

there were signs

signs that told us to stop

to keep off

to think about it

signs designed to scare us

to deter us

to frighten us


but we plowed ahead

we chose not to notice the sky slowly fade to black

we chose not to look when the flowers started to wilt

we ignored the debris that piled up behind us

we ignored the scorched land we created


maybe back then we had a chance

but that door is closed

forever blocked off

we tried to hold on

at the end

we really did

all that remains of those efforts are handprints strung along the walls

we were too late


we died out

sprawled on the concrete  

mounds of nothing

left for the maggots to chew through

but these weren’t our only holes

eventually, we will fade away and be nothing more than a footprint left in the dust


we can’t complain about this

we do not get angry

we are not allowed to be sad

because we knew