Communitas 9: Agenda

Please add agenda items for Communitas 9.

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Creation of committees.
Justice Committee to resolve conflicts, solve disciplinary problems, recommend rule changes.
Admissions Committee and Graduation Committee that develop criteria for admissions, re-enrollment, and graduation (MS and HS).

Discuss who might be interested in visiting MSU’s counseling clinic and participating in developing research project with them.

For Thanksgiving (since its all about family and friends coming together, having fun, and sharing lots of food) we should have like a big potluck for lunch. Everyone brings in a food and we eat whatever we want for lunch. (we should of course decide what we need and what types of food to bring)

Laura and I would like to begin creating a MakerSpace / ThinkerSpace here at school; writing grants and/or looking for donations of $ or items. Some of our ideas for a ThinkerSpace include things like: Lego, Keva Planks, Strawbees construction straws, chess boards, cribbage boards, knitting/crochet needles + yarn, coloring books.

What are some other things you would like to see in a MakerSpace/ThinkerSpace?

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