Group A Books

We will read one or two of the following books as a  book club style group(s) beginning next week.  Please read the synopsis of each book and be prepared to vote on Tuesday.  Each person will get a 1st and 2nd book choice.

Doll Bones

The Crossover

Shadow and Bone

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I have a suggestion… insead of reading “Six of Crows” could we read “Shadow and Bone”. They are both by the same author that is why I thought it would be appropriet to make the suggestion. I dont know if you know this but shadow and bone is the first book in a trilogy. I read this book in 6th grade and when i got closser the the ending I said, I hope there are more books after this cause this is really good. When i told my reading teacher she told me there were more, 2 more. I was so excited I couldnt wait to find them and read them but for one it was at the end of the year so i didnt have to to find and read it and for two i couldnt find it in the libraries so i never got the chance to read the other two books in the seiries. I also think it would be more interesting to read because this book makes you feel so many emotions and there are mystical dark creatures that these humans have practically gone to war with and all sorts of stuff. This book mad me laugh, cry (a lot honestly), almost yell out of consern or frustation. This book is my absalute favorite book EVER!!! So if you would atleast put it up for considderation that would be the best! Also i think it would be important to read this book because on the page for six of crows it says (and i quote)….. “An all-new adventure set in the same world as the Grisha Trilogy” and shadow and bone is the first book of the grisha trilogy and that is when the grisha are introduced so it might not make as much since. Im sorry that i made you read so much but i had to get my point out. (Here is a link to check out “shadow and Bone”) (ITS SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!!)

When i said “…it was at the end of the year so i didnt have to to find and read it…” i meant it was at the end of the year so i didnt have time to find it and read it.

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